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Our Instructors

Jasmin Radcliffe

Our incredible Admin Extraordinaire! Tech whizz, Customer Service legend and all round incredible human being.

Chanel Hall

Choose Chanels classes for a classic flow, sneaky slow burn and a focus on form!

Tamara Stojnic

Choose Tam's classes for full body fun and that motivating energy!

Deb Bennett

Choose Deb's sessions for that burst of energy, cardio fuelled fun and killer side series!

Erin Puckett

Choose Erin's classes for targeting strength, balance and coordination!

Alyce Merton

Choose Alyce's classes for moves that challenge abs and booty!

Sophia Campbell

Choose Sophias classes for Lower body burn and that extra little challenge!

Kim Moore

Choose Kims classes for that beautiful barre flow and classic moves!

Beth Page

Choose Beth's classes for that Signature XTEND feel and focus on form!

Nellie D'Avray

Choose Nellie's classes for that Booty burn and a whole lot of spice!

Melissa Bertone

Choose Melissa's classes to really challenge that core and coordination!

Liv Carway

Choose Liv's classes for that signature Reformer Flow with that strong core focus!

Erin Carver

Choose Erin's classes for that classic pilates flow and form focus!

Catherine Woodenberg

Choose Catherine's classes for strengthening and lengthening!

Jaime Kilmartin

Choose Jaime's classes for that Upbeat Reformer Flow!

Charlotte Roberts

Choose Charlotte's classes for that sneaky slow burn!

Emma Marren

Choose Emma's classes for that classic flow and focus on muscle activation!

About the owner

Erin is an Exercise Physiologist with over 20 years in the health and fitness industry. She is qualified in Barre, Mat Pilates, Reformer, TRX and also offers 1 on 1 Personal Training and Reformer sessions to our XTEND Community.

She started at XTEND as a member, looking for something to ignite her love of exercise again. A space where she could getaway from the day to day of life and reconnect with herself, physically and emotionally. She feel in love at that first class and when the opportunity arose to own the studio, it just felt right.

She is so in love with the beautiful space that XTEND provides for people from every walk of life. It's a joy for her to watch our new members find themselves again and fall in love with our community. Whether it's nailing a new pilates move or getting back to a little "me time" post Bub or just getting active for the first time, every little moment matters.


It's the perfect balance of fun and challenge. I can't wait to come back again.

I love the studio. Great care and attention for all their clients.

Beautiful space, brand new machines, Great instructors.

Ive been doing XTEND barre for about 6 years. Ive never been a gym person. For me this space has been super welcoming. It's definitely increased my coordination. You feel graceful whilst you are doing it aswell.

There are so many variations! It keeps me interested. The instructors are all very very good. It doesn't matter what age you are, there's something for everyone.

When I first came, it was so friendly. Everyone was just so helpful. I was very unfit and its helped with everything. I got my confidence back.

Because it’s always a fun, challenging and energising workout. Love the vibe of the place.

I love the friendly collaborative culture of the organisation, and my classes are great fun and provide an excellent workout.